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Hey peeps !!

How you keeping my friend ??

Wow ….Well things have been crazy busy for me with my first ever product launch !! 

Crazy … but AMAZING !!! 

I cant tell you how excited I am, in fact tonight I begin on this new and exciting  journey with my students of the Starting With Marketing Academy !!  I’m so thrilled to be able to now help others change their life as Alex Jeffreys did for me as my mentor.

If you have followed my journey from the start you will know where I have come from and I just want to thankyou once again for sticking by me and playing a part in my growth !

Anyways I just read someone mentioning this is the Warrior forum, I went to check it out and not only is it totally free, It’s pretty damn cool !

You know how you see on blogs or on sales pages how the authors have those fancy signatures ??

Well this website will create one for you !!  All you do is enter your name and then run through your choices .. Then VOILA !!  You have your own neat signature to use !

Here’s one I just created –

Pretty neat eh !

Here’s the site if you fancy one of these to use online ….

You dont even need to register or anything, just go on and create one, and before you think it, this is just a cool recommendation for you …. Not affiliated in anyway :)

Hope your doing good, let me know what you think

Chow …

( Had to use it …. hehe )

About Dean

Dean Holland Is A Successful Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur And Business Mentor. Through his internet marketing expertise, his shear passion to achieve higher levels of success and strong desire to help others Dean Holland can and will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to get you started making money online or improve your current business to make even more money with the internet.


  • Dean my man

    Ha thats cool mate very cool thanks for sharing.

    Are you relaxed for tonight my friend cant wait to hear what you got in store for us.

    good luck buddy

    speak very soon



  • Jeff Sargent says:

    Hey Dean,

    So, the big night is tonight uh!

    Just take a deep breath and I’m sure
    you’ll be all right. Just be yourself Dean.

    Are you going to be up until 5am like
    Alex was in our classes?

    I’m sure I’ll hear all about it tomorrow
    from someone.

    Good Luck to you Dean.

    Oh! BTW, thanks for the info on the free
    signatures. Will come in handy.

    Jeff Sargent

  • James Howard says:

    Hey Dean,

    I found that site a while back and think it’s excellent.

    Never thought to spread the word on it I just put it to work at the time so, nice share.

    Hope all goes as planed for tonight for you bro.

    Take it easy,


  • Hey Dean

    20 Minutes and counting …

    I’m logged on and rearing to go..!!

    Best of luck Dean.

    Thanks for sharing the signature tool !!


  • David Walker says:

    Hi Dean,

    This is a great tool. I can’t think of the number of times I have wanted to make a realistic signature and gone through the hassle of trawling the net to find a free font that doesn’t look completely terrible!

    Good luck with the coaching tonight, I am sure it will be brilliant.


  • Hi Dean

    Good luck with your coaching.

    The signature tool is great I created a couple
    and downloaded them to my desktop.


  • Bob Hughes says:

    Hey Dean,

    Thanks for the tip. I got my signature right away.


  • Hey Dean,
    Congratulations on your first coaching class. I’m sure you’ll be great and your students are really going to benefit.

    Love the signature tool. Thanks for sharing,

  • well done Dean Im sure your coaching course will be a great experience for both you and your students
    cheers mick fallon

  • Great tip Dean.
    Hope last night went well … sure it rocked your students will be full of ideas and energy today.
    Keep it coming

  • Hey there Dean

    Your coaching last night was awesome ..!!

    You came over clear and precise . .

    and it was fun …

    “Believe and Achieve”

    The students now “Believe” and know exactly what to follow
    through on … to “Achieve” and do the B.B.B.

    Speak soon.


  • Christine says:

    Hi Dean,

    Many thanks for sharing this signature tool it is going to be agreat asset.

    Best of luck with your coaching.


  • Hey Deano,

    Nice one Bro!!!

    Will defo use this one ….

    Quick tip for people …. the best font for sig is blue …. it has been proven that in the sub-concious – it says ‘trusting’ if I remember rightly …..

    Speak to you soon superstar 😉



  • Paul Hooper says:

    Hey Dean,

    Congratulations on the launch mate. I’m sure you’re going to help people make a success of their business just the way Alex did for you.


  • Matt Wolfe says:

    Congrats on the launch. I can’t wait to hear from more of the students about how it went! I may be interested in the 2.0 version. :)

    That sig tool is awesome. It’s funny because I discovered it about 2 hours before seeing this blog post. Somehow you just happened to be talking about it too.

  • Hi Dean

    Looks like you have spread your wings since Alex’s course, good for you!

    Thanks for posting a great post

    All the best


  • Richard says:


    Pretty cool that you are starting your own Marketing Academy! I am going to study the steps you took to be successful. To your success…..


  • Wakas Mir says:

    Dean, thx for sharing that man.. really nice tool! 😀

  • Hey Dean,

    Thanks for the tool….great to see your course is underway and the rave reviews you are getting……you deserve it!

    Take care


  • Hey Dean,

    Congratulations on your first launch…and thank you for sharing a very groovy tool :-)


  • Lisa says:

    Well Dean…I must be a noob, because I tried to add the sig thingy and I’ll be darned…lost all my sig file!! Hope you show me how to use it! STEP-BY-STEP!!

    Take care! You Rock!!

  • Paul Lear says:

    Congratulations on your first ever product launch, & what a way to start with your own coaching program!

    You are an inspiration to all of us who are on Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program. I hope we have as much success as you have.

    Also thank you for the signature creator, I’ve just made myself one, looks very cool.

    Take care,


  • Gil says:

    Good luck with your program and I’m crossing my fingures for you. I’m also thinking about doing something similar in the future, and having you show that it’s possible and leading the way is a big big help.

    I am so impressed with the level of coaching Alex is doing, he’s such a great role model and I’m sure with someone like that as your role model you are about to do great things to your own following.

    Oh, and thanks for the signature tool. My first language isn’t English and so my signature can’t be used if I scan it. This little gem of a tool is great and I’ve already put it on my ‘about me’ page on my blog ( so many thanks for the heads up

    – Gil

  • Belajar internet says:

    Nice software, i need this to create my signature online.



  • Dean,

    What a cool tool to use! I’ve downloaded it and will be adding it to several things online. Thanks


  • Sarah says:

    Heyyyyyyyy Wanna Create a Cooooooool 3D Signatureee Which you have never seen before ???? Visit and do it now :)

  • Wayne says:

    @Lisa Ha ha The same thing just happened to me. I think after the signature is created it needs to be right clicked and downloaded or something. Anyway, I just thought I would test it out after signing up with them. I’m sure I’ll figure out how to do it eventually.

    Very nice tool, Dean.

    Cheers, man.

    ~ Wayne in (sunny) Barbados

  • I m also wan create my signature online so i found it,s excellent. . . .

  • Jaymax says:

    Great tool man.I luv it :) I created beautiful signature.Thanks for posting.

  • xavier laguna says:

    they say that signiture creator is cool so i wnt to try it

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